Panama University for International Students


Studying abroad doesn’t get much more economical than in Panama, where state universities are free for everyone, including international students, and living expenses are quite low. Panama private university do, however, levy fees, which change based on the course you are enrolled in.

There are about 90 institutes of higher learning in Panama, including both large universities and smaller colleges. Seven of these, including the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) (ranked 101st in Latin America) and the Universidad de Panamá (UP), are listed in the QS Latin America University Rankings (139th in Latin America). Both have offices in Panama City, the nation’s capital.

A succinct overview of Panama

”The name Panama has no known precise origin. Many theories exist. According to one, the nation was called after a widely distributed kind of tree (Sterculia apetala, the Panama tree). Another claim is that the name Panama means “many butterflies” and that the first inhabitants came to Panama in August, a time of great butterfly abundance.”

Costa Rica and South America are connected by Panama, a country in Central America, via Colombia. The story of the nation is largely connected by a different form of connector (Read more about Panama’s history)


The Panama Canal, which links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and Panama, a country in Central America, are both well-known internationally. It offers a vast array of financial, commercial, and maritime services. The highest economic growth in Latin America during the past 25 years has occurred in this nation. Yet, they are exceptional in more than just economics. Also, they have emerged as regional educational leaders.

How much does life cost in Panama?

Before delving into the specifics of their educational system, we’ll briefly discuss Panamanian living expenses.

“It’s crucial to note that although dollars are also accepted, Panama’s official currency is the balboa (PAB). In reality, 1 PAB is equal to 1 USD because balboas are valued similarly to dollars.”

If you live in the city’s center, a one-bedroom apartment may cost you roughly 750 USD to rent, but if you live outside of the city or in the suburbs, it may only cost you 520 USD.


An international student would spend roughly $150 per month on food if they purchased the basic family basket, which costs USD 280. For 30 USD, you may purchase a monthly transit pass.

The university education system in Panama

Superior Universities and Superior Non-Universities make up Panama’s university education system, respectively. The first awards bachelor’s degrees (4 years), master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees, while the second awards technical certificates.

There are certain professions that are lengthier, such as engineering (five years), law (five years), and medical (six years). Daytime and nighttime schemes are also obtainable.

Lastly, Academic master’s degrees, professional master’s degrees, and executive master’s degrees are the three types of master’s degrees available in the region.


Academic year

To international and regular students alike, the Panama university has an academic lapse. Two semesters, summer and autumn, with respective starts in March and December, make up the Panamanian academic year. While there is a two-week break in June and July, institutions are closed in January and February. Generally speaking, a master’s degree takes one year and a bachelor’s degree four years (MBAs, for example, are two years).

Panama university for International students.

In Panama, public universities are quite reasonably priced. International students at the University of Panama, for instance, only pay USD 200 every semester. As you can see, state colleges in Panama are the least expensive. The majority of information is only available in Spanish, so you’ll need to acquire it before you begin your studies.

When compared to private institutions in other nations, private universities in Panama aren’t as inexpensive yet they are still reasonable.

It is otherwise important to note that For undergraduate students, Spanish is the primary language of instruction, but several universities now offer master’s-level courses in English.


How much does tuition cost at institutions in Panama?

From previous paragraphs, one can otherwise see that tuition fees for international students are relatively cheaper and reasonable. categorically speaking the outstanding tuition fees for regular students ranges between $1000 to $10000 per year.

Cheap Panama Universities for International Students

Panama; is one of the countries with the cheapest educational cost and is home to one of the most reasonable tuition and students friendly systems. below are a few cheap Panama institutions for aspiring international students.

  •  International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP)
  • Florida State University 
  • Universidad Latina de Panamá
  • Technological University of Panama
  • Quality Leadership University
  • Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua

I sincerely hope this piece about affordable universities in Panama for international students proved useful. To learn more, be sure to look at related articles like FULLY FUNDED ECONOMICS Ph.D. PROGRAMS


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