Miami university doctoral programs

List of Miami university doctoral programs


Miami University is one of the oldest public universities in the country, made possible by an ordinance signed by President George Washington in 1795. Chartered in 1809, Miami welcomed its first students in 1824.

One of Miami University’s most famous graduates was Benjamin Harrison, who later became a President of the United States. Professor William Holmes McGuffey revolutionized the education of generations of Americans when he conducted research for his Eclectic Readers series while teaching at Miami from 1826 to 1836.

Miami’s reputation grew as quickly as its enrollment, and it became known as the “Yale of the West” for its ambitious liberal arts curriculum. Today, Miami consistently ranks among the nation’s top public universities for the quality of teaching and overall student experience.

For more on Miami’s origins, memories, and past events, we invite you to explore the Alumni Association’s collections onhttp://Miami history and tradition.


Doctoral Programs

Miami University offers 12 Doctoral degree programs, many offer competitive graduate assistantships with responsibilities such as teaching, research, administration, and residence life.

Doctoral Degree Programs

ProgramGraduate DegreeConcentrationsSupplementary MaterialsProof of English (TOEFL/ IELTS)Application Deadline
Biology*MA, MS, PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR100/ 6.5Fall: January 1 (priority)
BotanyMA, MS, PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR100/ 6.5Fall: January 1
Cellular, Molecular and Structural BiologyMS, PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional)80/ 6.5Fall: January 15 (priority)
Chemistry and Biochemistry*MS, PhDAnalytical, Biochemistry, Biophysical, Chemistry Education, Inorganic, Organic, PhysicalCV, PS, 2 LoR80/ 6.5Fall: January 20

Spring: October 20
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology*PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR80/ 6.5Fall: January 1 (priority)
Educational LeadershipEdDN/ACV, PS, 2 LoR, EQ80/ 6.5Summer: February 28
Educational LeadershipPhDN/ACV, PS, 2 LoR, WS80/ 6.5Fall: January 9
English*MA, PhDComposition & Rhetoric, LiteratureCV, PS, 3 LoR, WS80/ 6.5Fall: December 3
Geology*MA, MS, PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR80/ 6.5Fall: January 10 (priority), June 30 (final)
MicrobiologyMS, PhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional)100/ 7.5Fall: January 15
PsychologyPhD (MA is a required step)Brain/Cognitive/Developmental,
Clinical, Social
CV, PS, 3 LoR80/ 6.5Fall: December 1 (priority)
Social GerontologyPhDN/ACV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional)80/ 6.5Fall: January 15

Application process

Candidates must apply and be accepted by Miami University’s Graduate School and the Department of Educational Leadership. The Graduate School requires an applicant to have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 (or 3.0 in the last 60 hours).

All applications are due January 9, 2023.

  • Submit an electronic Graduate School application, including
  • Transcripts from the school you obtained your undergraduate degree from and any other college or university at which you have done graduate work
  • Personal Statement
  • CV/Resume
  • Include a short writing sample. This can be an assignment written in a former masters/undergraduate degree program or a writing sample from a blog/online forum. Another possible option is to include a detailed lesson plan or a community action-oriented project that details a connection to the EDL Principles. 
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee

Important Requiremets

  • We require all international applicants who studied in a non-English speaking country or institution to submit proof of English proficiency
  • Students applying for conditional admission must submit proof of English proficiency at the time of application.
  • We accept unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores at the time of application and require official final copies before the start of the first term of study. 


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