Fully Funded Economics PhD Programs


Do you want to be the best in your field? This is the time to pursue a PhD degree in Economics. However, no matter how hard you look, finding the right degree program, an affordable one that fits your busy schedule and, most importantly, gets you where you want to go in your career can seem near impossible.

This guide will assist you. We’ll introduce you to the best fully funded Economics PhD programs, both on campus and online. You’ll also find a wealth of helpful information on what to look for in a great degree program.

What are the Fully Funded Economics PhD Programs?

1. Columbia University, PhD in Economics

Admitted students can receive multi-year financial aid packages from Columbia, including fellowships and teaching and research positions. If they maintain good academic standing, PhD students receive an annual stipend, tuition, and health fees for five years.

2. University of Kansas, PhD in Economics

Every year, a class of 7-10 students receives full funding. The five-year financial support package typically includes a full tuition waiver, a paid assistantship position, conference travel funding, and other benefits.


3. University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD in Economics

During their doctoral studies, all students will be automatically considered for five years of funding. Admitted students are guaranteed financial support for years two through five, assuming they maintain satisfactory academic progress.

4. Johns Hopkins University, PhD in Economics

Subject to satisfactory performance, the department will provide financial support for a minimum of five years of graduate study in the form of a teaching or research assistantship. The departmental fellowship includes full tuition, a $33,000 annual stipend, and full student health insurance coverage.

5. University of California-Santa Barbara, PhD in Economics

The Department anticipates providing full financial aid to all accepted Ph.D. students, including full tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. For students who make satisfactory progress, financial aid packages consisting of Teaching Assistantships and fellowship money are guaranteed for five years.

6. Cornell University, Department of Economics

Financial aid packages for incoming students are typically guaranteed through the Spring semester of the fifth year of study, assuming satisfactory performance. Graduate research and teaching assistantships pay for tuition, a stipend for the academic year, and medical insurance.


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7. Harvard University, Department of Economics

While enrolled and making satisfactory progress toward their PhD, economic students receive full tuition and stipend support.

8. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, PhD in Applied Economics

All admitted Wharton doctoral students receive five years of guaranteed funding that covers tuition, fees, health insurance, and a stipend. Unlike other top Economics PhD programs, Wharton requires only one semester of teaching assistant work during the third year and one semester of research or teaching assistant work during the fourth year.

9. Vanderbilt University, PhD in Law and Economics

A competitive package of fellowship support covering tuition and stipend for both degrees fully funds students.


10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD in Economics

Full tuition for the academic year, health insurance, and a stipend/salary to cover living expenses for the nine-month academic year are all included in scholarship offers. Financial aid is contingent on satisfactory academic progress in years two through five. Financial aid in the third through fifth years is typically in the form of a Teaching or Research Assistantship. The stipend for a 9-month teaching assistantship is approximately $35,000.

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