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One of the most sought-after universities in the world is without a question Harvard University. As a student at Harvard University, the possibilities are unlimited! Being a student at this esteemed university is undoubtedly a dream come true, as it allows you to meet individuals from various countries and explore a whole new intellectual world. However, excellent chances might also be extremely expensive! Learn more about the Harvard University Scholarships in the following paragraphs.

The cost of the course tuition may be prohibitive for many students and applicants to Harvard University. One should persist though, I repeat! Scholarships and other forms of financial aid have long been offered to students by the university. As a form of financial aid for students in need, it has established a special committee to oversee and distribute general scholarships.

Scholarship offered by Harvard University

In 1643, Ann Radcliffe, Lady Mowlson, gave a gift that established the first scholarship fund at Harvard University.

Every year, almost half of the Harvard University class receives need-based scholarships or financial aid. These financial aids and their deadlines are crucial for you if you intend to attend this prestigious university on a scholarship.


There are four different categories of Harvard scholarships dependimg on the targeted aspirants and students:

  1. For Harvard University students
  2. Prospective Harvard University students 
  3. International Harvard University students
  4. Prospective international Harvard University students

Other categories depending on the kind of scholarship include

  • Tuition assistance: basically Need based scholarship and Fellowships
  • Summer fellowships
  • Career and suport Exploaration

Obtaining a scholarship at Harvard University

There are no merit-based scholarships or full-ride grants available at Harvard. They do, however, fully satiate the pupils’ proven financial need. As a result, you may be eligible for virtually a full ride if you have a significant need, such as an automatic EFC on the FAFSA.


Both scholarships awarded internally by the University and those offered by external organizations are available to students. The university uses a complicated procedure to identify students who need financial aid. The university carefully collaborates not only with the student but also with their family to comprehend their upbringing and financial situation. The individual is then assisted in selecting the appropriate financial aid, enabling them to successfully complete their undergraduate or graduate studies.

Its important to note that, “To qualify for a need-based scholarship at Harvard, students need to submit income tax information from the previous three years as well as other information related to their assets. Once the financial aid application is submitted, it takes 3-4 weeks for the student to receive the decision letter by email.”

Avaliable Scholarships in Harvard Academy

Within the schorlarship deadlines, you can submit an application for any of the following scholarships to be considered for the funding designated for international applicants.

Scholarship titleEligibility criteria
Boustany MBA Harvard scholarshipOutstanding academic record
being accepted into the MBA program at Harvard University after passing the interview
The Robert S Kaplan Life Sciences FellowshipGMAT/GRE results
satisfactory work history
Outstanding performance history in the life sciences
Need-Based FellowshipsGMAT/GRE results
satisfactory work history
Outstanding performance history in the life sciences
IGLP Residential Fellowship Program, Harvard Law School, USAThis financial help is available to students enrolled in the Ed.M., Ed.L.D., or PhD programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Harvard Graduate School of Education financial assistanceOnly students currently studying in the Ed. L.D, Ed.M., or Ph.D. programs at Harvard Graduate School of Economics are eligible

Some of these Harvard scholarships don’t require you to submit a separate application because they view every applicant as a prospective contender.


Other qualifications for eligibility:

  1. Required Language is English
  2. Eligible Countries: open to every country in the world

Eligible GPA for a Harvard Scholarship

Both academic merit and financial necessity are considered when selecting recipients.. Candidates for scholarships must have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or above. This entails that one must attain “A”s in most academic courses.

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